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An Ode to America's Pastime

Picture this: It's your first MLB game of the season - a season we thought might not happen. While balancing a cold beverage in one hand and a hot dog in the other, you tip-toe your way through fellow fans and arrive at your seats. There are still a few moments left until game time. Your hot dog is being washed down ever so perfectly by your beverage (definitely should have gotten two) and the sunset is illuminating the stadium. Then, an epiphany washes over you.

"Yu Darvish is definitely striking out at least 4 today and Mike Trout will easily go over 3 total bases. I mean how does that not happen?". You turn to your buddy for their thoughts; and after receiving a resolute nod of confirmation, you open up the BettorFantasy app and head to the newly released MLB player props section. After a few clicks, your roster has been submitted. You sink back into your seat, take a hefty bite of the hot dog and spill some mustard on your shirt. With that, the perfect pregame ritual has been completed.

A summer night baseball game might be the best live-sporting experience. There's really nothing like walking through the tunnel and seeing the field. We're humbled and incredibly excited that BettorFantasy can now add to that experience for you! We're pumped to have MLB props on the app and can't wait for you to discover some of the other improvements we've made. Make sure you update to the latest version of the app to check them out! Good luck with your picks!

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