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The Safety Valve

Brandin Cooks is the answer to your prayers in the 5th round of your fantasy drafts. Over the past seven seasons, he's finished as a top 20 WR six times.

In terms of ADP, Cooks currently sits at WR 23 and typically goes in the late 5th / early 6th. At that price, you're drafting Brandin Cooks at his floor. Cooks isn't the type of player to win you weeks - he scored more than 20 points just once last year - but he is the type of player to steady the ship.

It's also safe to assume that the Texans offense improves with QB Davis Mills leading the team in his second season.

Brandin Cooks feels like a rock solid pick in the 5th round this year. Again, you're drafting him at his floor as WR 23. He may not finish in the top 5, but he'll almost certainly finish inside the top 20 again.

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