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BettorFantasy Announces Launch of New Platform Uniting Fantasy Sports and Betting

STEWARTSVILLE, NJ -- BettorFantasy announced today the successful launch of their new mobile app. The free-to-play platform enables fantasy football players to bet on their own fantasy league’s matchups and outcomes and cash in for prizes when their bets hit. Players can also use the app to prompt donations to BettorFantasy’s charity partner, Fight For Children, which the company will make on the user’s behalf at the end of the season. The platform is the first of its kind to enable season-long fantasy players to bet on their league’s matchups “against the house”.

Sahil Patel, Co-Founder and CEO at BettorFantasy, believes now is the time to unite the worlds of fantasy sports and sports betting, “My co-founders and I have been playing in the same fantasy league for about 15 years now. We’ve always had side action flying around (usually on my team to lose) and thought it was time we bring this offline experience to a digital platform. BettorFantasy will not only improve an individual's season-long fantasy experience, but the group’s as a whole.”

Players on the BettorFantasy app will find that social impact is designed to play a key role in the platform’s gamified experience. “When we started building the wireframes last winter, we began thinking of ways we could tie social impact into the core business model and not have it be something we do on the side.” Says Will Tighe, Co-Founder and CMO, “We’re doing this by donating a percentage of each bet to charity and by empowering our users to share their winnings with Fight For Children.”

Fantasy players can download BettorFantasy today to sync their fantasy league and start betting on the matchups. To help celebrate the launch, BettorFantasy is giving each new user 1,000 BettorCredits when they create their account making it easier for them to place bets, cash in for prizes and generate positive social impact. If you’d like to download BettorFantasy, you can visit their page on the App Store and Google Play Store.


About BettorFantasy

BettorFantasy is a new gaming platform enabling fantasy sports players to bet on their own fantasy league’s matchups. The new free-to-play app is now live in all 50 states. Users complete gamified challenges to earn the app’s in-game currencies and use them to wager on the outcomes of their very own fantasy league. Winning bets can be cashed in for prizes and used to generate real-world donations to Fight For Children. To learn more, visit

Media contact: Will Tighe

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